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30 Day Money Back

We will refund your purchase within 30 days if you are dissatisfied for any reason. (See exceptions below) To return any of our products, email us at 30day@pacificvalve.us  We will email your 30 day RMA number where you can send the product back to us for a refund.  The product must be shipped back in the original box with the original documentation.  Shipping the unit back to us without the protective packaging revokes your right to the 30 day money back guarantee. 


An 11 % transaction processing fee is applied for all 30 day money back returns except for "SWAP" transactions. The 11% fee is calculated off of the "Sale Price" on our site and not calculated from any discounts. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to process your return.  Certain items on our site have special 30 day guarantees with their own fee structure.  Consult those pages for the guarantee. 

Buyer pays for all shipping charges back to Pacific Valve.  Buyer must insure the item and is responsible for all damages if the item is lost or missing due to theft.

Where to Return Your Item

Return your item to our Batavia, IL address.  Print out the email with your RMA# and place it in the package.

The Pacific Valve & Electric Company
1921 Wilson Street
Suite A # 111
Batavia, IL 60510

Exceptions to our 30 Day Policy

Buyer assumes all responsibility for damage in the event of shipping or handling. Items that are returned that are not in 100% functioning condition will be repaired at the buyer's expense.
Items purchased on our seasonal sales are not eligible for 30 day money back guarantee
220v items are not eligible for the 30 day guarantee.
Items purchased on Audiogon or eBay do not have the 30 day guarantee unless it specifically states "with 30 day warranty " on the  item description.
Cables, both interconnects and speaker cables are not eligible
When multiple quantities of the same item are ordered, only one of the items is eligible for a 30 day guarantee.  So for example, you order (2) CD players, only one CD player is eligible for 30 day return.
Vacuum Tubes that you purchase through us are not  eligible for 30 day return. If you purchased a product and had Pacific Valve install the tubes, then you must remove the installed tubes and send the unit back with the stock tubes.
The item that you return must be in working order in order to receive a refund.
Items purchased under "Special Deals" are not eligible for our 30 day guarantee.
SWAP Agreement
You may decide within the 30 day return period that you would like to upgrade to a different piece of equipment.  A swap is when you exchange one item for another.  You will be responsible to pay the price difference between the original item purchased that is returned and the new upgraded item.  However, you will not have to pay the restocking fee for the originally purchased item that is being returned.  

To be eligible for a SWAP, your item must be eligible for the 30 day money back guarantee. You must swap to a unit that is at least the same purchase price of the originally purchased item.  We do not issue refunds under this policy.   Please email us directly if you would like to SWAP. To start a SWAP transaction, email us at 30day@pacificvalve.us  If you 30 day return the entire SWAP transaction, that is, 30 day return the item you just swapped out, then you will be charged 11% re-stocking fee for the last item.