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Amplifiers - Vacuum Tube and Hybrid

Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

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What's with all those Tubes?
All this talk about tube bias
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Doge 5 Integrated Amplifier
Amazing Doge 5 integrated amplifier is not just another EL34 amp.  It has a state-of-the-art computer bias feature that precisely tunes each tube before it plays. This method does not have the distortion of continuous bias amps. The result is a clean sound, close to a Class A SET amplifier.  What's even cooler is that the entire bias function can be activated using the remote!  The best part for last, the Doge 5 starts at $1270.00
Starting at: $1270.00 More info click here>>

Hybrid Amplifiers

Bada DC-225 Hybrid Amplifier
From Bada,comes an upgraded version of the coveted DC-222 hybrid amplifier. The Bada DC-225 has a shiny black finish, Class A operation to 95 watts (195 @ 4 ohms) upgraded preamp to amp coupling caps, dual transformers and remote. Comes stocked with German RFT NOS 12AU7 Tubes
Starting at: 1199.00  More info: click here>>
We took a great amp, customer input and advice from headphone manufacturers and created a headphone -  amplifier combo, that for the money, is one of the best out there. The MC84C07 MK II has pushed the sonic qualities of the previous MC84C07 to the limit with upgraded power supply, upgraded tubes and audiophile grade parts that are the same quality of some of our best amplifiers.
Ming Da MC 84C07 MK II
Starting at: $699.00 More info: click here>>
Bada DC-211MKIIB Hybrid Amplifier
Bada's entry level hybrid amplifier is anything but entry level. For this price you get Toshiba output transistors, MOSFET NOS tube preamp section, 110/Channel (200 into 4), remote, output meter and Timbre / Tone switches. All this in a jet black alumminum package!
Starting at: 799.00  More info: click here>>
Bada Purer 3.3 - R Hybrid Amplifier
Behemoth hybrid amplifier with a total of 142 watts (275 into 4 ohms), has (2) Class "A" modes, 3 Timbre switch selections, Balanced input, remote and more.  Dual transformer, heavy capacitance design.
Starting at: 1799.00  More info: click here>>