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Make no doubt about it, despite the recent run on downloaded music, CDs are here to stay;
they still sound dynamic, clean and robust when compared to the best that USB devices
have to offer.  

In comes the Aune Cyclone, a relatively compact transport with outstanding features that
make it audiophile quality.  The areas of focus in the design were vibration damping, EMI
interference / AC filtering, low latency buffering and parts quality.  The goal was to design a
transport that rivaled other audiophile transports costing 3 X as much.  We succeeded.

The transport starts with the popular Phillips CDM 12 where we addressed it shortcomings
of a high interference rate due to vibrations.  We suspended the transport on springs and
then housed it in an extra thick 1/2" thick aluminum chassis. Next came high quality
aluminum spike feet for added insulation. While this chassis is floating, the AC line is being
filtered and cleaned with and internal filter where research has shown that EMI can greatly
impair the digital signal.  After spinning off the disk, the digital signal is clocked with a high
end 1 PPM crystal clock sharing a circuit board with Dale resistors and Nichicon muse KZ

Features such as AES / RCA/ Optical outputs and remote control round out the offering of
this outstanding transport.  Read the water cooler talk to find out how this transport
stands up to the Lite CD 21 and Audio gd transports.
The Aune Cyclone is a top loading high end CD transport.
A top loading CD transport acts like a turntable; Place the CD on the spindle and place the weight (supplied) on top
The Aune Cyclone is a Pacific Valve design and comes with power cord and remote control
Remote Control:
Power Consumption:
The Aune Cyclone:
•  A CDM 12 top loading transport with outstanding design features, AES, RCA. Optical outputs and remote control
•  Extra thick aluminum chassis and aluminum tip feet for vibration reduction
•  Upgraded parts throughout: Dale resistors and Nichicon caps
•  1 PPM crystal for, clean and pin point accurate clock signal
•  Special AC line filters ensure that EMI from AC line does not drip into digital signal path
•  The Aune Cyclone was designed with the help of Pacific Valve to our specifications
•  Two of the water cooler members use the CDM 12 for headphone systems due to its accurate
digital retrieval
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250mm X 80mm X 358mm
20 Lbs
RCA, Optical, AES
Infrared System
30 Watts
Copyright 2012, The Pacific Valve & Electric Company
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Bass:  DACs produce firm and controlled bass that extends to the lowest registers. Clean bass where jitter prone transports tend to
produce a cloudy rendition.
  Mids:. Clear and wide open midrange with dynamics - especially on upper midrange female vocals.  Highs:   
DACs extend highs with articulation and smoothness.
Dynamics:  Very open and dynamic presentation.  Air around instruments:  
Transfers above average air and space.  Transports costing considerably more may excel at this.
 Imaging / Sound Stage, Resolution /
Above average of what you would fine at this price range.  Value: High value for the price point; consider features, function and
sonic qualities.