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Bada Purer 3.3-R

Carved into a piece of solid aluminum alloy, is the Bada Purer 3.3-R, a powerful and versatile amplifier with two modes of power operation: Mode A1 and Mode A2. In Mode A1, the Purer 3.3-R has 142 watts per channel into 8 ohms, with the first 10 watts are class A. In mode A2, the Purer 3.3-R has 142 watts into 8 ohms with the first 30 watts are class A.

If the unique class "A" bias is not enough for you, try the timbre switches (Timbre 1, and Timbre 2, accessible on the remote) to change the musical flavor of the bass and treble responses. Not only does the 3.3-R sport sound tailoring features, but it also has 3 RCA inputs, 1 XLR input, gold plated speaker jacks, soft start and full remote capabilities.

The real value is the engineering part of the Purer 3.3-R, where symmetrical circuits complement each other for reduced EMI and cross talk interference. Four 12AU7 tubes, upgraded in the R model, feed the Class A preamp section and then make their way to the zero feedback solid state stage. The R model also uses high definition audio capacitors from Kimber, Vishay and ERO (the ERO caps produced a more delicate transparent sound than the stock WIMA). For more information on the sonic characteristics, visit the "Water Cooler" page.
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Learning Center Videos
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The Bada Purer 3.3-R can best drive cone speakers with large bass drivers,
large planar speakers and electrostatics.  The best were: Magneplanars, Quads,
Martin Logans, Von Schweikerts, Soundlabs, Monitor Audio Platinum, B& W
Matrix 801s, Definitive Technology Mythos, Vandersteens and Focals.  The Bada
Purer 3.3-R  in A2 mode with the Timbre 2,  drove mini monitors as well as some
tube amps in large over-sized rooms.  This Bada over powers horn speakers and
is not recommended for that type. 
Bass: Excellent. Detailed and deep. It is as if you can hear the drum stick strike and then tell the size of the drum stick by the resonances. The pluck of a lower mid bass can be heard with pin point detail.

Mids: Excellent. Expect tube-like warmth without veiling, as nothing is rolled off here and images float in the sound space with accurate tonal qualities. Female vocals are especially warm, yet detailed. Reminiscent of fine tube amps in this area

Highs: Triangles and piccolos have air and boldness, without sounding tinny or raspy.

Dynamics: Natural and precise. Not as impactful of the DC-211MKIIB, but makes up for it in transient speed and quiet background.

Air around instruments: Not as "airy" as some tube models or as light. But then again, we do not have this power rating either.

Body and Weight: Not as weighty as tube amplifiers or SET amps. Vocalists opt for a neutral sound as opposed to the weighty, beefy sound of tube amps.

Warm/Cold: The midrange is warm, the bass less so. The high end is slightly cooler.

Imaging / Sound Stage: Superb. Starts placing actors across the sound stage and then paints them across the back. Well, just like live music.

Resolution / Detail: Extended resolution, focus and snap.

Value: An integrated amplifier for those that want a tube sound on hard to drive speakers and do not have the money for a set of powerful tube amps. The Bada has better controlled bass than most tube amps.
Output Power: 110W +110 W (8O)
SNR: = 85dB (A-weighted)
THD: = 0.5% (1kHz 50W)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (-2 ~ 0dB) (direct state)
Machine maximum power consumption: <550W
Dimensions: (W * D * H) 430 * 330 * 115 (mm)

(4) NOS 12AU7 RFT tubes - Upgrades available see Tube Talk
(12) high current, high output Sanken transistors
Audiophile grade ELNA and Vishay caps in power filtering section
Audiophile grade Kimber, ERO and Auri Cap in preamp section
3 stage high speed current coupling amplification technology
Military grade high precision resistors
Badas High purity 5 star mono crystal copper for internal wiring
Heavy duty aluminum chassis
Partitioned for improved EM interference between preamp and amp
Symmetrical dual mono circuitry
Low loss gas powered relay for selecting inputs
Fully balanced direct AC power amplification stage
ALPS volume control
2 adjustable pure Class A power output selections: 10W / 30W
2 adjustable preset timbres
Bypass for Timbres
Infrared full remote control
Gold plated speaker outputs
RCA and XLR balanced inputs
Detachable power cord system (IEC)

The Bada Purer 3.3-R was evaluated using CyberServer, Lite DAC 83, Musiland MD 11, Aune Cyclone Transport, Lite CD 21 transport, Lite CD 22 CD Player. Doge 6 CD player, Linn Sondek Turntables with Decca and Magnepan tone arms mounted with Dennon and Sonus Blue cartridges, B&W matrix 801 speakers, Magnepan MG IIIA, Magnepan 1.7, Quad ESL 57 speakers, Quad ELS 63 Speakers, Proac Response 2 s, Vandersteen IIC speakers, Von Schweikerts.

Quite a few changes went into the stock model to make the 3.3-R designation. We dumped all the lower end Solen capacitors and Rubycon caps in the power supply. The Rubycons were replaced with the higher end ELNA and Vishay filtering caps. For the Solens, we used a combination of Kimber and Auri cap. We wanted a slightly warmer sound in the midrange, which we achieved, by replacing the WIMAs with the European ERO caps. You will only find these changes in the "R" model available through us. If an ebay / China seller says that they have this model, well, it's a falsehood.

We liked the A2, Class "A" to 30 watts the best. This is the opposite of what we thought of the stock model where the anemic bass had to be boosted by extra solid state slam and weight. The A2 setting accomplished a warm midrange, articulated and un-fatiguing high end and a low end that had high definition, slam and weight. The A1, on the other hand, did not give us the midrange we desired, but provided more dynamic range and bass slam. It's great that you can switch between the two, based on the music you are listening to.

The Timbre switches (T1, T2 and PAS) provided increased tonal quality and made the sound stage more solid. When listening at lound levels, we switched to the PAS mode (esentially turning the Timbre off), where the bass reponse of the previous T1 and T2 were too over-bearing. On panel speakers, however, we liked T2 for its increased bass response.
Heard around the water cooler:
5963 Tube
Although we tried some fine brands, we could not get this amp to "pop" with these tubes. The soundstage was too laid back for our tastes and the bass was much leaner than this amp was capable of.

RFT 12AU7 Tube
This tube was the softest of the bunch and drew the amp well into the "Vacuum Tube" part of the listening spectrum. Vocals and trumpets, midrange to upper midrange was well warmed and slightly sweet. Oddly, the bass had punch and kick. We could well live with this tube and found it great for a majority of classical and jazz recordings.

6189 Tube
This was the best of the bunch and we really enjoyed the presentation. We were treated to a clear, un-veiled sound - like a window was open on the CD and you really listened to a live performance. Actors had breadth and depth, space was superb and listen-ability was above average.
For the RIGHT tube, its Tube Righteousness !

You can greatly change the sound of this product by following these guidelines:
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The Bada Purer 3.3R is an upgraded version of the Purer 3.3 with audiophile internal parts and upgraded NOS tubes
The Purer 3.3R provides adjustable Class "A" operation: First 10 watts or first 30 watts
A powerful amplifier, the Bada Purer 3.3R has up to 142 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 275 watts into 4 ohms
The Bada has two timbre selections (selectable via remote control) that help equalize the sound for speaker and room acoustics.
A sweet sounding, tube-like integrated amplifer.  For sound characteritics please see "water cooler talk"
This amp has many tube upgrades that can effect the sound. Click here for more information.