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Bada DC-211 B

A landmark hybrid (tube and transistor) integrated amplifier from Bada Hi Fi with the performance and quality not available anywhere at this price range. The DC -211 MK is a dynamic and powerful amplifier that outputs 110 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 200 watts per channel into 4 ohms. The Bada DC-211 MK comes with 4 RCA inputs, gold plated speaker jacks, home theater bypass , timbre control and soft start / mute. (say something about the meter, remote)

The Class A preamplifier uses a tried and tested design with a high bias dual triode 12AU7 tube feeding a pair of high current MOSFETS. This preamp is designed for power and punch and melds well with rock music, country, big band jazz and wide orchestras. The high bandwidth design continues with the output stage that uses 4 pairs of audiophile grade Toshiba output transistors to deliver its high amperage capacity.

The elegant and sturdy 1mm jet black aluminum case holds the power supply, preamp and pow
er amps sections. But, the quality does not stop there, Bada adds an ALPS volume control, speaker protection and remote control. The Bada DC-211 MK is product of Bada Hi Fi USA and ships from Chicago, IL
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The Bada DC-211 MKIIB
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Learning Center Videos
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The Bada DC-211 MKIIB can best drive cone speakers with large bass drivers
and large planar speakers.  The best were: Magneplanars, Quads, Martin
Logans, Von Schweikerts, Soundlabs, Monitor Audio Platinum, B& W Matrix 801s,
Definitive Technology Mythos, Vandersteens and Focals.  Overall, full range
speakers work best with the Bada DC-211 MKIIB.
Bass: Gutsy bold bass with significant impact and slam. Bass drums have definition, space and weight.

Mids: Transparent mids coupled with a slightly warm tonal presentation. Excellent rendition as you can hear the bowels of the 6 string folk guitar and vocals that are concise and non-fatiguing.

Highs: The 12AU7 tube, coupled with the MOSFETS in the preamp stage, do a nice job of preserving the detail and slightly rolling off the high end starting around 18K

Dynamics: Excellent. You cannot touch this amp for dynamics within the 300% price point. Paired with the right sources, this amp is capable of stunning impact.

Air around instruments: The sound stage is narrowed between the speakers and somewhat in the middle between the two. As you can guess, at this price point, you are not going to have as much weight as a tube amp.

Body and Weight: Instruments had more of a profound body structure in the soundstage where you can pinpoint them accurately. Vocalist were a little more smeared.

Warm/Cold: Slightly warm / neutral presentation, but the amp aims for accuracy over a warm presentation.

Imaging / Sound Stage: The soundstage is slightly narrow and sits squarely between the speakers and then a little towards the back. Separation of instruments is above average at this price point.

Resolution / Detail: Strong ability to resolve and render without being fatiguing.

Value: High marks for its parts quality (Toshiba outputs, Toshiba MOSFETS, NOS 12AU7 Tube), Sonic Character (Sold State high definition Class “A” amp) and features (output meters, remote, ALPS volume Control, Timbre Switch, soft start)
Output Power: 110W +110 W (8O)
SNR: = 85dB (A-weighted)
THD: = 0.5% (1kHz 50W)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (-2 ~ 0dB) (direct state)
Machine maximum power consumption: <550W
Dimensions: (W * D * H) 430 * 330 * 115 (mm)
The Bada DC-211MKIIB was evaluated using CyberServer, Lite DAC 83, Musiland MD 11, Aune Cyclone Transport, Lite CD 21 transport, Lite CD 22 CD Player. Doge 6 CD player, Linn Sondek Turntables with Decca and Magnepan tone arms mounted with Dennon and Sonus Blue cartridges, B&W matrix 801 speakers, Magnepan MG III, Magnepan 1.7, Quad ESL 57 speakers, Quad ELS 63 Speakers, Proac Response 2 s, Vandersteen IIC speakers, Von Schweikerts.

The Bada DC-211 MKIIB is quite the package for the money; sonically, we were stunned by what it can do in the soundstage. While we were expecting a true hybrid with strong tube preamp overtones, what we got was a Class "A" solid state amp, where the 12AU7 played this "trick" of being slightly warmm and lucid, yet veil the music very little.

Comparing it to the bunch (NAD, Cambridge, Musical Fidelity et.al....) the Bada shines above those so high that a comparison is difficult to do. While the Bunch sounds clean, articulate and crisp, the Bada surpasses those with a high musical flavor, viz., the midrange blooms and the highs roll off nicely (not abruptly as some inexpensive "prima" tube amps do) - giving you the feeling that something very high end is going on. Mated with the right tube (we dump the Chinese tube, it does not do this amp justice) this amp is capable of stunning musical quality and rendition un seen and unheard at this price range.

So how can you be confident not actually hearing this and taking our word for it? Read on how the Bada DC-211MKII B is constructed. A class "A" MOSFET solid state preamp uses a 12AU7 tube to couple itself to a rather unique Toshiba configuration. While the Toshibas run class AB, the DC-211MKIIB turns the bias way up to increase speed and reduce notch distortion. Hence, the Bada runs hot so be careful not to treat or place it like a bunch amplifier. This is the same technology that Bada uses in its costlier amplifiers.

You also get features galore: a reasonably accurate output meter, 200 watts into 4 ohms, soft start, mute , speaker auto protection circuit, speaker protection (it works, we tried it), two equalizer settings (called "Timbre"), 4 inputs and two-way speaker lugs.
Heard around the water cooler:
We evaluated the Bada DC-211MKIIB with the following tubes. Feel free to experiment with different 12AU7 variiants. Use this as a guide.

RCA/GE 5963:
This tube produced incredible weight and “slam” in the lower registers. This is a remarkable tube for this amp and an over-all good performer in the mids capable of taking this amp to the next level..

RFT 12AU7:
Although on par $$ wise with the 5963, this tube was a tad polite and laid back. It was the most synergistic with the MOSFETS in the preamp stage.

JAN 6189:
This was the best of the bunch where it pulled tonal balance and sound stage toward the tube amp of the spectrum. It did not have the impact and slam of the 5963 tube, but had more openness and bloom in the soundstage. Just to show you how different this amp is from the DC-225, this tube drove that amp (the Bada DC-225) nuts and produced a strange squirrely soundstage.
For the RIGHT tube, its Tube Righteousness !

You can greatly change the sound of this product by following these guidelines:
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The Bada DC 211 MKIIB  in heavy cast aluminum jet black finish, upgraded 12AU7 German RFT tube and  is only available through Pacific Valve.  Please be aware that "Grey" models do not have true 120v operation and we will not support or repair these models.
The Bada DC 211 MKIIB  hybrid amp capable of 110 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 200 watts into 4 ohms, uses soft start, remote, mute, and 4 inputsS.
The Bada has two timbre selections (selectable via remote control) that help equalize the sound for speaker and room acoustics.
The preamp uses Toshiba MOSFETS in a class "A" operation using the 12AU7 as a cathode follower to couple the preamp and amplifier sections