Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz±0.2 dB
Dynamic Range: > 96 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: > 102 dB
Distortion THD: < 0.03 % (1 kHz)
Channel Separation: >92dB (1kHz)
Output impedance: < 300 Ω
The Doge 6 Clarity is an upgraded version of the superior Doge 6 CD player.  The major
differences are improved filtering in the power supply stage, updated circuit in the “line
out” stage, upgraded coupling caps and upgraded filtering caps. The superior 12AT7
based filleting stage remains the same.

The other design tenants of the Doge 6 remain the same: an all vacuum tube  class
"A" output plus zero negative feedback design and no tube buffers, followers or op-
amps anywhere in the signal path.   The Doge 6 Clarity still uses the same output
tubes as the Doge 6: (4) 12AX7 tubes in the output stage and (2) 12AT7 tubes in the
filtering stage.

The Clarity uses the same  Delta Sigma converter with incredible dynamic range and 24-
bit resolution and tightly regulated power supplies. As well as a proprietary servo-
board that synchronizes the Phillips transport mechanism to a single master clock .

The Doge 6 Clarity comes with remote, 3 RCA outputs, stand-by switch, power cord
and ships from Chicago, IL.
The Doge 6:
* The Doge 6 Clarity, like the Doge 6 uses all tube filtering and output stage the first of its kind in the industry
* The Doge 6 Clarity uses upgrade caps and a re-designed tube output stage
* The original Doge 6 has been a best seller since 2006.  Less than 1% of purchasers return the Doge 6
* Appears on
 Vic's Picks
* The Doge 6 is an  Audio Outlier  because it uses vacuum tubes as part of the conversion filtering circuit.
* 100% of all water cooler panel members recommend the Doge 6 Clarity
* 5 out 5 water cooler panel members have purchased the Doge 6 Clarity - all have upgraded tubes
Bass:  Extended and deep.  Much tighter than the stock Doge 6 and less tubby.    Mids:. Outstanding midrange detail and perspective
with harmonic richness and tonal balance  
Highs:  Extended, warm and articulate highs.  Excels in the upper midrange to high end where
digital glaze and digital compression is non-existent.
 Dynamics: Capable of outstanding dynamics for a digital player.  Low noise floor
and ability to surprise with loud crescendos.  
Air around instruments: Throwing air around instruments, like the Doge 6 Clarity does,
allows you to peer into the sound stage and give actors (instruments and vocalists) depth and perspective.  
Body and Weight:  Actors
are firm, never lean and precise. You will listen to all your CDs over again.   
Warm/Cold:  Warm CD player – though not syrupy or lush.  
It was a little less warm than the stock Doge 6.  
Imaging / Sound Stage:  Imaging is the best we heard from a CD player to date:
Uncanny depth, perspective and air.   
Resolution / Detail: Amazing rendition of details found on compact disc.  In most cases, retrieves
information better than SACD players     
Value: Outstanding value for money.  In a class with very few CD players.
Doge 6 Clarity
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Doge 6 Clarity
CD Player
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Product Details
Improved DC filtering in the power supply stage
Updated circuit in the “line out” stage
Upgraded coupling caps and upgraded filtering caps.
The superior 12AT7 based filtering stage remains the same.
Uses (4) 12AX7 tubes in the output stage and (2) 12AT7 tubes in the filtering stage