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Digital Electronics - DACs, CD Players, Transports

DACs - Digital to Analogue Converters
Matrix Mini-I Modified
The Matrix Mini-I is a fully balanced DAC with headphone amplifier and volume control. The Modified version has a much smoother and deeper presentation that propels the DAC's performance into the $1000 - $1500 range
Starting at: $599.00 More info: click here>>
Lite DAC 83 Modified
Flagship DAC from Lite, the Lite DAC-83 is a non-compromising fully balanced modified design with (4) PCM1704UK 24/96K chips, Coax, AES, Optical I2S inputs, and RCA, Balanced outputs.
Starting at $1575  More info: click here>>

CD Players

Lite CD 22 Modified
Lite Audioflagship CD player is based on the outstanding Lite CD21 transport and includes 192K/24bit upsampling, fully balanced and single ended output,discrete solid state (no op amps) output stage, AES, Coax and Optical digital outputs.
Starting at $1435.00  More info: click here>>
Doge 6 Clarity Model
The Doge 6 Clarity is an upgraded version of the Doge 6 CD player. The major differences are improved filtering in the power supply stage, updated circuit in the “line out” stage, upgraded coupling caps and upgraded filtering caps.
Starting at $1950.00 More info: click here>>
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