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The latest flagship product from Lite, the DAC-83, is a sleek and powerfully faithful DAC, reinforced by
four of the superior Burr Brown PCM1704UK DA chips and a truly balanced Class A design.
Packaged with an external power supply unit to isolate from interference, the Lite DAC-83 accepts
four input types, including optical, I2S, coaxial and AES/EBU balanced digital input; and has two
After cleaning up the input audio signal and producing a higher resolution of detail, the DAC-83
employs a fully balanced circuit design that gives great attention to retrieving that detail and accuracy
of tone. The PCM1704UK DA chips are highly reputed in achieving a neutral output sound, and the
output stage is fully discrete without op-amps, ensuring no negative feedback. The Lite DAC-83 is
designed to be capable of an extremely dynamic range up to 133dB, and a vast frequency response
range of between 10Hz-30KHz.

Notable to the Lite DAC-83 is the twin-box presentation, where the power supply is housed in a
separate box that is connected ‘umbilically’ to the main operational DAC unit but it is entirely
detachable. By isolating the PSU, it prevents a source of noise and EMI coloring the signal conversion
and sound reproduction. Nonetheless, it is more of a practical solution to help produce purity in
sound than any inconvenience of having a small second box. Both boxes have stunningly sleek
aesthetics and build quality, with black-brushed solid Aluminum casing and sophisticated internal
arrangement. It may weigh in at 15kg, but has a relatively compact size of dimensions. It makes the
Lite DAC-83 robust and striking, yet uncompromising on quality - with high performance components
and circuitry, and neutral, high fidelity sound.
The Lite DAC 83 has four inputs (coax, optical, AES and I2S)
The Lite DAC 83's I2S port is companion to the Lite CD 21 transport
The Lite DAC 83 accepts samples to 96K
The outboard power supply dramatically decreases EMI around the DAC chips and cleans up the sound considerably
Bass: Bass clean to lower registers. The bass is a little lean in the lower mid range  Mids:. Right on the money midrange is transparent, highly neutral and
slightly warm.
 Highs: Highs extend - without digital hash and hardness in the upper mids and lower highs.  Outstanding in the 12K -17K range.  Body and
Exceptional - does not over-emphasize or under emphasize the sound stage   Warm/Cold: Slightly warm so as the DAC does not sound sterile, thin or
  Imaging / Sound Stage: Above average as this is one of the few DACs to throw instruments on the vertical and well as horizontal plane.   
Resolution / Detail:
Outstanding - reveals the ambiance of the recording room or orchestra hall with ease.   Value: Certainly a high end DAC with incredible
detail, resolution and a sense of musical "rightness".  Spectacular.
Frequency Response: 10HZ-30KHZ (-2dB)
SNR: 110 dB (A weighted)
Dynamic range: 133 dB
Harmonic distortion: less than 0.0005%
Channel Separation: 108 dB
Output level: 2.0V (balance)
The Lite DAC 83:
* This is Lite's premier flagship DAC that Pacific Valve modifies for 1) Upgraded filtering in power supply, 2) Sonic Character
* The modifications include upgraded caps / voltage tolerances in power supply and faster clock on the mother board with upgraded coupling caps
* The Lite DAC 83 uses 4 PCM1704UK chips
* Supports four inputs: Coax, optical, AES, and I2S - up to 96K
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A reviewer opined about the Unmodified version of the
Lite DAC 83.
The modifications result in startling sonic improvement while adding to the long life of the power supply.
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Lite DAC 83
The Lite DAC 83 DAC mates with the Lite
CD 21 transport through an i2S Cat 5 cable
which separates the clock from the digital
signal to form a superior high end digital
playback scheme.