From Lite Audio, masters at digital reproduction, comes the Lite CD-21 transport.  From
Pacific Valve, modifications and military grade components that make it state-of-the-art
for the audiophile. The Lite CD 21 modified is based on Sony's latest Pro Audio top
loading transport, and uses an advanced stabilizer, stand by switch, remote, AES, optical,
coax, I2S outputs in both standard 44.1 and 96K sampling rates.

Upsampling is usually a chronic issue for the enthusiast where jitter interference
increases due to the complex cabling process of using an outboard upsampler.  
Upsampling inside the transport has many advantages as precision digital transformers
can be used without the concern of external jitter.  As a matter of fact, the jitter output
on the Lite CD 21 modified is less than 50 pS!

The SONY pro laser assembly along with the advanced stabilizing scheme uses a unique
"fan" shaped stabilizer that is light weight yet rigid to keep the disc spinning at a
constant speed with maximum resistance to vibrations.

The internal PCB uses the latest in digital transmission technology and high quality wiring
are used throughout.  The chassis is a rugged and heavy black aluminum that is 1/8"
thick and provides proper damping of vibrations.  The Lite CD-21 comes with remote
control that includes all basic functions.
Lite CD21 I2S Specifications:

1 - GND
2 - GND
The Lite CD 21 Modified
* The Lite CD 21 has been modified (again) with a new power supply circuit (caps and re-wiring) , upgrading coupling caps and dual  
   high speed oscillators for superior performance. For more information on the mods, click here.
* Only Pacific Valve has the Lite CD -21.
* The last repair record of the Lite CD 21 modified was April 2011, a display board needed to be replaced.
* Appears on
 Vic's Picks
* The Lite CD 21 Modified is an Audio Outlier because of its unique use of a CD clamp to lock the CD onto the laser
* The Lite CD 21 has both 44.1 kHz and 96kHz outputs
* 100% of all water cooler panel members recommend the Lite CD 21 Modified
* Three of the 5 panel members own the Lite CD 21 Modified
Product Details
The Lite CD 21 modified has 44.1 K outputs and up sampled 96K outputs
The Lite CD 21 connects to its companion Lite DAC 83 Modified through an I2S Ethernet connection
The modification increases the clock speed and uses audiophile grade capacitors throughout
The Lite CD 21 low noise, R-Core transformers and specialized EMI filtering.
Bass:  DACs produce firm and controlled bass that extends to the lowest registers.   Mids:. Produces a clear and wide open midrange with dynamics         
Highs:   Extended without being etchy or screechy.  Dynamics:  Very open and dynamic presentation, this where the transport excels.  Air around instruments:  
Transfers more than adequate information for air and space.
 Imaging / Sound Stage, Resolution / Detail: Above average of what you would fine at this price
range.  Transports at twice the price, we have found, excel in this area.
   Value: High value for the price point; consider features, function and sonic qualities.
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Lite CD 21
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Sony Laser Mechanism
Outputs: Coaxial, Toslink, AES  @ 44.1KhZ
  Coaxial, Toslink, AES @ 96K
  I2S see specs on next panel ->
Output voltage: 500mV p-p
Crystal Oscillator  Dual 1PPM TCXO
Clock Jitter: <50pS
Infrared full function remote control
Main supply 120v
Dimensions: 17 X 13 X 3 (W x D x H) inches
Weight: 25 lbs
The Lite CD 21 transport mates with the Lite
DAC 83 through an I2S Cat 5 cable which
separates the clock from the digital signal to
form a superior high end digital playback
Our learning center has a good instructional video on the benefits of using a
transport over a CD player.  Click on the link below.
Copyright 2012, The Pacific Valve & Electric Company
Lite CD 21 Mods
Lite CD 21 Mods