Lite Audio presents its flagship CD player, the CD 22.  The CD 22 is based on the
outstanding Lite CD21 transport and includes 192K/24bit upsampling, fully balanced and
single ended analogue output, fully discrete solid state (no op amps) output stage, AES,
Coax and Optical digital outputs.

The Lite CD22, uses the same SONY transport that the Lite CD 21 uses along with the
advanced clamping mechanism that maximizes laser surface area by providing a firm
clamp on the disc but not so heavy that it buts the disk onto the laser. The result is
maximum disc rendition with low error correction.

The Lite CD22 uses the analogue devices AD1853, a favorite high end chip along with
precision 192K/ 24 bit upsampling that keeps the jitter less than 50psec!!  The power
supply uses two R-core transformers for low noise. One transformer drives the laser and
transport mechanism, while the other drives the digital and analogue sections. The
analogue outputs are discrete, class "A" and driven by "audiophile coveted" Toshiba
K170J74 MosFets.

The Lite CD22 comes with top panel controls that control the stop, play, pause, forward,
backward and skip. The Lite CD 22 comes with remote control and power cable.  The
housing is a heavy aluminum chassis block to reduce vibration.  The remote is milled from
the same heavy aluminum.
Lite CD 22 CD
The Lite CD 22 Modified
* The Lite CD 22 has been modified (again) with a new power supply circuit (caps and re-wiring) , upgraded high speed oscillator,     
   re-wiring and cap upgrade in the analogue section. For a complete list of extensive mods click here:
* Only Pacific Valve has the modified version of the Lite CD 22.
* Appears on
 Vic's Picks
* The Lite CD 22 Modified is an Audio Outlier because of its unique use of a CD clamp to lock the CD onto the laser
* The Lite CD 22 has a unique sampling design in that it uses internal upsampling to 192K, but then uses a special linear                   
   interpretation algorithm for superior sound.
* 90% of all water cooler panel members recommend the Lite CD 22 modified
* Two of the 5 panel members own the Lite CD 22 Modified
Product Details
The Lite CD 22 uses a unique disc clamp that reduces wobble and vibration when the disk is spinning.
The Lite CD 22 uses audiophile grade Toshiba Mosfets in the analogue output stage.
The Lite CD 22 uses an advanced filtering and interpolation method that involves internal upsampling to 192K
The Lite CD 22 uses dual low noise, R-Core transformers and specialized EMI filtering.
Bass:  Extended and clear with considerable snap and control  Mids:. Good midrange detail and perspective does not over or under emphasize midrange
Highs: Extended, warm and articulate high without arcing or a forward upper midrange. Dynamics: Above average dynamics offset by a polite, quite
presentation. Low noise floor and ability to surprise with loud crescendos.  
Air around instruments:  Does not exaggerate or undermine, pretty much as it was
in the recording.
Body and Weight: Actors (vocalists and instruments) are precise with proper weighting.  In contrasts, some tube CD players tend to “bloat”,
giving you a greater perception of weight when the weight is not really there.
Warm/Cold: The CD 22 is Class “A” slightly warm. Not as warm as a tube CD
player though not as cold as some other transistor CD players.
Imaging / Sound Stage: Imaging is outstanding for a CD player and image is on par with the
best CD players and vinyl.
Resolution / Detail: Top notch imaging for a CD player at this price point.  Only the best systems can take full advantage of this player’
s imaging capabilities.
Value:  One of the better CD players for the money.  Consider the grade of the internal components and its sonic character when
calculating value.
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Frequency Response:20Hz~20kHz
S/N Ratio:>118dB
Dynamic Range:>116dB
Analog output: XLR balanced , RCA
Digital output:  Coxical , Optocal , AES/EBU output
Power supply: 120V 60 Hz
Dimension Chassis: 17 X 13 X 4 (L X W X H)
Dimension Power Humpty: 6 X 13 X 4 (L X W X H)
Weight:: 30 lbs
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Lite CD 22 Mods
Lite CD 22 Mods
The Lite CD 22 is certified 120v and is this model is sold only through Pacific Valve.  For more information, click here
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