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Ming Da MC 84C07 MKII

The MK II includes a high/low impedance switch that supports a wide variety of headphones from 8 to 600 ohms
The tubes are upgraded from stock: Mullard El84s, Tung Sol 12AX7s
Uses the unique 6E2 "Magic Eye" tube to visually display input.
Can power speakers of 90 SPL or greater in a den or office
Is a perfect companion for desktop computer audio system
Uses a single RCA input, single headphone output jack and speaker lugs
We took a great amp, customer input and advice from headphone manufacturers and created a headphone - amplifier combo, that for the money, is one of the best out there. The MC84C07 MK II has pushed the sonic qualities of the previous MC84C07 to the limit with upgraded power supply, upgraded tubes and audiophile grade parts that are the same quality of some of our best amplifiers. We included an high / low headphone switch that makes the amp more versatile to drive headphones as low as 8 ohms and enough power to drive headphone as high as 600 ohms!

The MC 84C07 still has a quality amplifier with enough gain to drive headphones and a small set of high efficiency speakers. It is truly a great headphone amp for the money and makes a great amp for a bedroom, den or dorm room. Wonderful solid cherry wood front panel makes it very spouse friendly.

The two EL84 tubes provide amplification and two 12AX7s are input drivers. Watch the Disney “Cats Eye” 6E2 tube rectify and “dance” to the music as it also provides the amp with an output meter. The Single Ended Triode Class A, SET, performance out of the EL84 sounds much louder than it actually is. This amp has plenty of gain and muscle to drive the fussiest headphones to satisfying levels.

Six watts per channel output for you EL84 fans, enables the amp to drive speakers of 90 SPL or greater to satisfying levels in even in some of the largest rooms. The sound is open wide and dynamic. The dynamics play a big role in this amps ability to deliver the sense of a “live” performance through a set of headphones.
The MC84C07
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While it is a headphone amp that works great with a variety of headphones, this little amp makes a great device for high efficiency speakers in an office or den.  You will be amazed at the sound quality for price performance of the single ended EL84 tube.  The EL84 tube in this amp is capable of stunning playback and you will not believe your ears.

That all being said, it makes a great companion for Horn Shop Horns, Kipsch and Lowther speakers.  You can even bump it up to Proacs and Totems if the room is small.
Bass: Bold, slightly fat bass. Gives most phones the impression that they have more bass than they actually are spec'd for.

: Transparent and articulate, one of the best there is.

Highs: Extended and musical, starts to roll off at about 18kHz.

: Big,bold dynamics emerge behind a quite, dark background.

Air around instruments: Super, just super.

Body and Weight: Actors (vocalists and instruments) had above average body and weight which gave a very musical, seductive presentation although this was slightly above average.

Warm/Cold: Warm presentation without veiling, syrup or mud. Imaging / Sound Stage: Along with air and transparency superb.

Resolution / Detail: Spectacular.

Value: If you paid over $300 for your phones, then this one is worth the try. It is one of the best headphone amps out there - but it does give the phones, warm, tube presentation.
Output: 6W×2
Output Voltage:=290mv
Outputs: 8 ohms
Frequency Resp: 20Hz - 45KHz±1dB
S/N: < 88db
Input Jacks: (1) High level
Tube Comp.: EL84 ×2, ECC83 x2, 6E2×1
Dimensions: 11" X 8"X 7" (LxWxH)

The MC 84CO07 MK II was evaluated using Grado SR-225 Headphones, Grado RS-1, AKG 701, Dennon .AHD 5000, Aune Cyclone Transport, Matrix Mini DAC, Lite DAC 83 modified, Lite CD 21 Transport with i2S connection to Lite DAC 83, Musiland MD 10 modified DAC.

We just love the much overlooked (sans EVA Manley) EL84 tube. It can be delicate, transparent and dynamic all at the same time. The obvious paradigm for a headphone and what a paradigm it has become in this, what is an essentially modified unit of the original MC84C07.

We achieved a very quiet background with the MC 84C07 MKII that we could not achieve with the previous version. But that is not why we like this amp. What has really happened in this modified version is that for us, who are not headphone lovers by the way, is that it created a listening experience that we could only get with the finest components and speakers. Viz., actors had a sense of air and placement that we have never experienced in a headphone amplifier. This was quiet spooky for us, and it created a headphone lover out of one of our panel numbers who otherwise shunned the medium. If we can achieve this performance out of phones, then we are all in. Now mind you, we heard all kind of headphone amps from Bada to Audio Gd, and none of them do not sound like this, as a matter of fact, its not even close.

The high/low switch does make a difference so experimentation is at hand to find the best setting.
Heard around the water cooler:
The supplied tubes give the headphone presentation body, weight and transperency - while extending the noise floor. As far as new tubes go, this is the best that we can come up with: the Mullard EL84 as the output tubes and Sovtek 12AX7LPS as input drivers.

For NOS tube lovers:

We liked the Phillips EL84 tubes (if you can find them) the best. Next came GE and RCA tubes for the EL84s. The GEs were open and dynamic, the RCAs delicate and precise. You can try to extend the noise floor with some quiet 5751 tubes, which took rather nicely. We used GE and Sylvania 5751 tubes.
For the RIGHT tube, its Tube Righteousness !

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