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Continuing the superior USB performance of the Musiland Monitor 01 US, the Musiland Monitor 02
provides the same 192K USB capability but with the addition of SPDIF conversion, separate power
supply and high/low impedance headphone output.

Don’t fall for the gimmicks of expensive USB DACS that  promise to bring you audiophile quality USB
sound.  The key to unlocking USB is: 1) software and 2) a short USB cable.  These two parameters
provide the maximum in USB sound attainment at a significantly lower cost than the latest high end
snake oil salesman are selling. The Musiland Monitor 02 achives this goal by replacing the jitter laden
native windows drivers, with Musiland’s own ASIO drivers, allowing native 192K through a standard USB

Only Pacific Valve has the step by step instructions of how to properly install the asynchronous drivers
on you PC.  The drivers work on Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32 or 64 bit – Sorry no MAC drivers yet) You can
connect the Musiland Monitor 02’s SPDIF output to your favorite DAC (your DAC must have a 192K
receiver chip in it in order to play 192K) and press play on the media player sit back and hear your
computer music for the first time.

The Musiland Monitor 02 uses its own asynchronous drivers to properly control buffer streaming and
transport which significantly reduces jitter and music “drop outs” .  The proprietary Musiland software
and hardware “shake hands” and agree on the streaming speed and buffering.  Once they “shake
hands” , music is played effortlessly through USB.

The Musiland Monitors are controlled by its own PC software console …. Where we show you how to
obtain true 24 bit – 192K decoding from a true 24 bit 192K source.  Just copy the 192K disc using EAC
or download a 192K music source and press “play” on your media player and you are in for some
stunning sound.  The Musiland Monitor also plays 16 bit 44.1 and 96K files with ease.  It will also play
music from Itunes throught your DAC onto your high end system.
Dynamic range (D/A):113dB
SNR (D/A):113dB
Frequency response (20Hz~20KHz):+-0.1dB
Output level:2V rms
Output impedance:10KΩ
Earphone interface 1 RMS:140mW/RL=120Ω;
Earphone interface 2 RMS:50mW/RL=100Ω
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You will need to run the Monitor 01US  
driver and console to operate USB with
the Monitor 01US  The Windows driver
runs on Microsoft Windows  XP, Vista,
64bit Vista and Windows 7. See the
support  page for downloading drivers
and instructions.
Supports media up to 24/192K with
asynchronous ASIO driver support.  You will
need a media server where you can specify
the ASIO drivers. Foobar works best for this.
This unit comes USB Cable, CD ROM disk
with drivers and user manual.  This item
ships from Chicago, IL
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Ships in 4-7 days
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