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High Level Preamps
YS Audio A1
Fully balanced vacuum tube preamp with five RCA and XLR inputs / outputs.  Dual APS volume controls, no negative feedback design.Outstanding performance at this price point.
Starting at: $697.00  More info: click here>>
Ming Da MD 300 APS MK II
Unique 300B / 2A3 based tube preamp uses 6SN7 tubes as first stage drive with the second stage single triode tubes.  Comes with remote, 4 inputs and 2 outputs. Bias switch for 300B or 2A3 tubes
Starting at $2287.00  More info: click here>>

Preamps with Phono Sections

Starting at $1999.00 More info: click here>>
The Doge 8 Clarity is an upgraded version of the legendary Doge 8 preamp with changes to the high level and phono sections, upgraded caps and more!
Doge 8 Clarity
Why pay more for a preamp?
Flagship low profile vacuum tube preamp with tube rectifier and zero negative feedback design.  Has four inputs, 2 outputs and record out. Hand built volume control and balance control.
YS Audio Symphonies Plus SE
Starting at: $964.00  More info: click here>>