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Pacific Valve will repair only products purchased from The Pacific Valve and Electric Company located in Batavia, IL USA.  All products sent to Pacific Valve must have a valid Pacific Valve serial number etched on the bottom of the unit. The number begins with "PV".  When shipping the product to us, include all tubes, remotes or power humpties, otherwise we will not be able assure quality back to you. It is not necessary to ship tube cages.

Pacific Valve will not repair any item that is sold through any other third party other than Pacific Valve. Pacific Valve warrants each repair for a period of 90 days.  If the repair is not to your satisfaction, you are to notify Pacific Valve within 3 days of receiving the repair, at which time Pacific Valve will pay for all shipping charges and any extra work needed to get your item in proper working condition.

Repair Time Frames

Pacific Valve will notify you of the estimated time for repair. On some rare occasion parts need to imported from overseas. Pacific Valve will make every possible effort to ensure your unit is repaired to your satisfaction.  Repair turn around time can take up to 4-8 weeks and may take longer if the nature of your repair requires burn in and listening tests.  Pacific Valve performs all repairs in Chicago, IL USA

Where to Return Your Item

When you receive your RMA number, print out the email and place it in the box with your unit.  Please make sure you insure it. We are not responsible if your item arrives damaged.

Return your item to:

The Pacific Valve & Electric Company
1921 Wilson Street
Suite A # 111
Batavia, IL 60510