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About Us
Pacific Valve ensures the safety and quality of your equipment. When you order equipment from Pacific Valve, the item is:

We open each box and test the equipment. We test tubes and remotes. We open each CD player and play CDs that we know skip to make sure the CD can recover.

Burn In
All equipment is burned in to test the equipment’s performance over a period of time.

Listening Test
We listen to each piece of equipment we sell. We listen for screeching highs, hum etc. Equipment that does not meet the listening test is never sold.

User Manual
In most cases, we write our own user manuals. We write our own observations on how to operate the equipment to get the best performance.

We place batteries in remotes, supply power cords and warranty information

Serial Number
Each item gets its own serial number before we ship, This number protects you and keeps our pledge to service and repair all equipment that we sell.

We double box (sometimes triple box) every item we sell. We pack in peanuts and make sure every item your receive has made its way safely and securely to your door. We pick up this extra cost of shipping.

We have technicians on staff, repair is completed in the USA.
The Pacific Valve and Electric Company was created to fill the need of high end audio,  particularly tube equipment, at a reasonable price point. We accomplish this by importing home audio electronics primarily from overseas markets
Some Basic Facts

We are a USA based company, Incorporated in Illinois and run by Chicago based Audiophiles
We are venture capital funded and backed
We have been in business since 2003
We are the # 1 importer of Chinese Audio in the USA

Beating the Market

All our equipment must be able to "Beat the Market". That is, the equipment must represent an outstanding value (both in quality and sonic character) by at least 200% .  In other words, an item on our catalog listed at $1000 must be equal to greater(in terms of sonic character and parts quality) than a comparable item costing $2000 - $3000. We accomplish this by working with a manufacturer to modify an item or create a new item that meets our quality and sonic characteristics of 200%.

Ordering from Pacific Valve

Ordering from China or Ebay

Ordering directly from China bears many risks, Pacific Valve takes on those risks fro you. Before you place your order from a China distributor, you should be aware of the following:

The products ARE NOT the same. We are not trying to kid you. We show inside views on all our products so you can see the difference. Our products have parts sourced by us in the USA and then sent to China. In most cases, we change model numbers so there little confusion. Sometimes, this is not the case. For example, there is not "Doge 6 Clarity" sold in outside of USA. A Chinese distributor took our picture from our site and sold a stock Doge 6 as a Clarity.

We feel our prices are very competitive with China / Hong Kong. Plus we offer you a 30 day money back guarantee, warranty and life long repair. When comparing prices, please remember to include a shipping price plus a customs price. If you add the hidden fees of shipping and customs to your order, you will find our prices often beat the prices coming out of Hong Kong.

US Customs often spot check and inspect packages. If your China / Hong Kong shipment should encounter its inspection, expect broken tubes, busted CD drawers and missing remotes.

Some equipment, no matter how carefully inspected, may arrive at your door dead on arrival. In the case of Hong Kong / China, you have to pay for the return shipping. Often this 4 way trip costs more than the item itself. Many consumers just end up eating the costs instead of paying for a 4 way trip. Consider an amp costing $400 in China. Shipping to USA is $130.00. A DOA case will require and additional $260.00 round trip. Your $400 amp now costs $400 + $130 + $260 or $790

While China/Hong Kong does offer warranty, the consumer still pays for the round trip.

You will have to ship your item back and forth to China for repair work. We will not repair any item unless it has our unique "PV" number etched on the bottom plate of the uniit. Often, the cost of shipping is more than the price of the item. Turn around times for these repairs may take months due to parts availability and stocking issues.

Some China / Hong Kong equipment are tier 2 or tier 3 quality knock outs from the original manufacturer. Pacific Valve’s buyers are skilled on working with factories to ensure our equipment is always first quality.